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HEY RICHARD sweeps "Best in the Nest" Music Categories!

12/1/2021 We are proud to announce that we won the following categories in Queen City Nerve's "Best in the Nest" 2021!

  • Best New Band (Winner)

  • Best Local Album 'Hey, RICHARD!' EP (Winner)

  • Best Potential Breakout Artist (Winner)

  • Best Experimental Musician/Band (Runner Up - 2nd Place)

Best in the Nest Critics Pick: Best EP: Hey RICHARD, self-titled

"Fronted by Pachyderm Music Lab's Krystle Baller, the all-female, queer-friendly band Hey RICHARD is comprised of bassist/vocalist Baller, keyboardist Savanna Baxter, guitarist Sarah Kuhaneck and drummer Laura Staples.

On the band's self-titled five-song debut EP, the four-piece plays melodic punk-rock songs that are by turns hilarious, blistering and insanely catchy. Over Kuhaneck's winding melodic guitar line that recalls the fretwork of Lunachick's Gina Volpe, lead-off track "Coming Out" plays like a raucous LGBTQ cousin to Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" as it shares Baller's experience coming out as queer.

Insistent strummed guitars anchor "Pixelated Soapbox," a take-down of sociopathic demagogues. The coiling and pensive "Tough" is a vulnerable punk-rock confessional on par with Iggy Pop's "New Values."

The collection closes with the galloping rocker "Sinking," which recasts the grotesque circus of modern elections as a leaky boat taking on water. "I'll just say what everybody's thinking/This boat is sinking/And we can't get off." Hey RICHARD is the perfect amalgam of political commentary, unvarnished confessional and hand-waving, hip-shaking singalong."

You can see us featured in the December 2021 issue! Thank you to all of the folks that voted for us. Honestly we are very surprised and honored that you took the time to select us. Thanks for all of the love and EP listens. It really means a lot. We are working on new material for our full length album which we are set to start recording in March of 2022.

The "Best in the Nest" awards are now available online as well!


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