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Hey RICHARD is a melodic yet heavy culmination of 4 humans who shred hard while giving back. The band met while volunteering for We Rock Charlotte. The social justice sentiments of rock camp can be heard echoed in their songs.

What happens when 4 rad womxn volunteer at a Girls Rock Camp together? They get inspired and start to jam.


Charlotte based band, Hey Richard started playing together on the tails of the 2019 Girls Rock Charlotte camps. 


Bassist and lead vocalist, Krystle Baller first started playing with Laura Staples for fun and Staples wanted to challenge herself to move from guitar to drums. 


“Suddenly we needed a guitar player. We love Sarah and she rips on guitar, so it was a no brainer to ask her to be in the band.” says Baller. Synth player Savanna Baxter followed close behind. 


“I was in the kitchen and someone yelled, “Savanna’s in the band now!”” Sarah said when recalling how Hey Richard started.


“The thing that brought us together, is a mutual passion for helping youth find their voice through music. It was a natural progression for us to find ours the same way. Our music mostly centers around social justice issues.” Baller says of their latest self-titled EP.

“Coming Out” the first track on the album centers around Baller’s experience coming out as queer in 2019 to an unaccepting family. “It’s really hard for me to sing about an experience I’m still living, I hope that this song helps people in a similar situation, though. Maybe through hearing it they will feel less alone.”


“Sinking”, featuring lead vocals by Sarah Kuhaneck, is a fresh take on 2020 election. It’s a fun punk song riffing on the political circus we all endured. 


While a lot of Hey Richard’s songs deal with serious topics, the music is fun and the camaraderie between the band members can be felt at their performances.


Their self-titled EP can be found on all streaming platforms. If you need some empowering music, consider adding their songs to your playlists and sharing their rocking queercore anthems!

Krystle Baller - Bass/Vocals
Savanna Baxter - Keys
Sarah Kuhaneck - Guitar
Laura Staples - Drums

"Hey Richard" 2021 EP Produced by Evie Palmisano

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