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Brightfire Music and Arts Festival

Music, Art, Fire, Dance, Nature: A kaleidoscopic celebration of Life, Hope, and Renewal.

At BrightFire, enjoy and indulge in local art and craftsmanship at the Night Market. Grab a bite to eat at one of the delicious food trucks, kick back at the Midnight Mulligan beer garden, make a flower crown, learn to dance at the maypole, play games in the field while listening to concerts with dance and fire performances, rendezvous with fairies for a tea party, or bid at the silent auction. All ages welcome!

Surround yourself in an imaginative artistic experience during the sunset fire-lighting show, premiering a new innovative music and dance piece by Anne Harris, Fred Dunlap, & THE MARK dance company.

ACTIVITIES: - Mainstage Concerts + 5 acoustic stages - Night Market (Art, Crafts, Silent Auction) - Pilates (optional @4:30) - Food Trucks, Craft Snacks, Beverages - Midnight Mulligan Beer Garden - Whiskey Tasting - Flower Crown Station - make your own! - Fire Science, History, & Safety - Gardening (demonstrations) - Dance! - Field Games

Performances by: - Anne Harris (Blues/American Roots) - Tuatha Dea (Appalachian Rock) - Space Ballet - Master Kie & Your Neighborhood Orchestra - Hey Richard - THE MARK dance company - Movement Migration - Moving Spirits, Inc - Kaustavi Sarkar - Others TBA

SCHEDULE (Sat., April 30): - 4:00 - Gates open to Night Market, 5 Acoustic Stages, Silent Auction, Activities, Games, Garden Social, etc. - 4:30 & 5:30 (optional) 2x 30-minute Pilates class - 6:00 - Mainstage performances - 8:00-10:00 - Sunset Fire-Lighting Show, followed by Mainstage performances.

The festival is an innovative artist-led, community-based interpretation of the essence of Beltane. In Celtic tradition, Beltane marked the end of a cold, dark, life-and-death winter and the beginning of renewed life and summer. It is associated with fire, nature, renewed life and growth, joyful celebrations, and an important time in agricultural and pastoral life. Initially, herdsmen in Scotland, Ireland, and Man, would lead their cattle between bonfires to cleanse and prevent disease before entering into the new summer pastures. Ancient communities celebrated the changing season by playing music and dancing near the fires. They would extinguish their home hearths and relight them from the communal Beltane fires as a unifying practice.

Join us for an unforgettable experience!

A production by Charlotte New Music in partnership with Historic Rural Hill, & THE MARK dance company.

Silent Auction sales benefit Safe Alliance . Silent auction donation form:


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